OB Care and High Risk

Dr. Moser Delivers State-of-the-Art OB Care and High Risk Pregnancy Management 
As you prepare to start or expand your family, you want a skilled Ob-Gyn to serve as your medical partner.  Our Ob-Gyn clinic provides comprehensive obstetrics care. From your initial pregnancy test through the stages of pregnancy, we will answer questions and calm your fears. Whether you have a vaginal birth or need a C-section, Dr. Moser will prioritize the wellbeing of you and your unborn child.

Before Pregnancy
If you plan on having a baby, Dr. Moser can explain the importance of good health before you conceive. She will perform a complete exam and review your current status to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy. Patients who experience trouble conceiving may benefit from testing and infertility treatment.

Extra Special Care
At the first signs of pregnancy, our compassionate team will hold your hand and guide you through this exciting time. During the various stages of pregnancy, Dr. Moser will listen to your concerns and provide reassurance about the life growing inside of you. If complications arise, Dr. Moser has the expertise and training to handle high-risk pregnancy situations.

High Risk Pregnancy Care

  • Labor Management and delivery for High Risk Pregnancy
  • Diabetes in Pregnancy
  • Multiple Birth Management
  • Fetal Growth Management
  • Preterm Labor Risk
  • RH Factor Disease
  • Obesity and Pregnancy
  • Placenta Previa
  • Preeclampsia and Prenatal Hypertension
  • Pregnancy from IVF and ART
  • Cervical Incompetency