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Patient Testimonials

When I first made my appointment to see Whitney in August of 2010, I had been trying to get pregnant for over 3 years since my miscarriage. I was unsuccessful with fertility drugs, stressed out, and was ready to give up. During my visit with Whitney she asked why I was there. I said that I had read if a woman is overweight and were to lose 10% of their body weight they could increase chances of conceiving dramatically. She agreed with me and explained how my P.C.O.S was contributing to that weight and making the chances of having a baby that much harder. We set an aggressive plan into action. It was hard. There were tears. BUT, within 10 months I had lost over 60 pounds with Whitney. In May of 2011 I got my first positive with my at home ovulation tests. With these results Whitney said we were ready to start trying. In July of 2011, just 2 months later, I was back in Whitney’s office and she was telling my husband and I that we were pregnant and that the baby was due in March of 2012! I almost did not believe it. After years and heartache I was pregnant. On March 26, 2012 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

I cannot thank Whitney enough for the help she gave me. She guided, encouraged, and educated me through my weight-loss journey and I practice what she taught me still today. I can only imagine there are other women going through the same thing I did with getting pregnant. Do not give up hope on your dream to have a baby! You will need to work hard but you can do it. Sit down and make a plan and always keep the goal in mind when it gets hard – you holding your baby at the end of that hard work.